FieldAgent - Feild Redesign hero card

Project Overview

This was a team project that involved all members of the design team.

My Role

UX/UI designer responsible for mockup and prototype creation aspects of this project, with a focus on image layer UI ideation.


Figma, Maze, Figjam

Sentera FieldAgent

FieldAgent is a software platform for data visualization and analysis to get a clear picture of agricultural performance and outcomes.


Viewing imagery is is a core piece of the business model, but the experience was disjointed, confusing, and hard to navigate.

In addition, there was no way to compare imagery. A user could only view one surface layer at a time and toggle between.


We needed to first understand the scope of the problem and our competitors.

As a team, we mapped out the entire end to end experience. Then we defined key principles and moments of the new experience.


FieldAgent will soon release a new field UI with new imagery handling capabilities. In the UI a user will be able to not only see a comprehensive field overview, but view and compare imagery layers.

This was a customer pain point for a long time and a huge win for the business.

Research + Competitor Analysis

As a team we researched our competitors to identify trends and market gaps.

We began by analyzing our competition, market, and other dashboard interfaces. We quickly identified trends in our competition and began sketching ideas to arrive at a concept for user testing.

Testing the Concept

Recruiting users to test has been a huge challenge for the team. We simply do not have a massive user base to recruit from, so we went a different route.
We first recruited users to a product council that set the table stakes for participation and allowed us to start a database of willing testers.
Then we utilized Maze to validate our design. We choose Maze because the platform allows us to send unproctored user tests via email, making the testing experience convenient and fast.


Data View
Map View